Materials for expanded metal production

Mild steel (DC01)

Cost-effective material, can be variably surface treated with powder coating, galvanization, painting, etc. 

Stainless steel (1.4301) 

Long life, does not corrode. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries where are demanded strict hygiene rules but also in modern architecture. 

Zinc coated (DX51D)

This is a mild steel coated with zinc. It can also be surface treated with powder coating. Commonly used in areas such as HVAC equipment, the production of noise walls and booths. 

Aluminum (ENAW1050) 

It is characterized by ease of material with durable, rust-resistant. For effect and still glanc it can be anodised or powder coated. 

Other non-ferrous metals

E. g. copper, brass, aluminum, etc. Also from these materials we are able to produce expanded metal and perforated materials.